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Join in the adventure of a new, serial-published fantasy novel!


Now available: A brand new novel by Josh Sanofsky, drawing on Greek Mythology, Pluto was serial-published a chapter at a time on the web, available to all. Visit Royal Road or to read the whole story!

"Talia Redowl, daughter of the goddess Athena, expected - and definitely wanted - to work for her mother when she graduated. In particular, she was hoping to be assigned as an aide to her older sister, Danae, their mother’s Avatar.

So when Talia’s graduation assignment is to become the Avatar of Hades, the legendarily anti-social and brooding god of the Underworld, she protests…the position has gone unfilled for two thousand years. Why her? Why now? The Fates weave a tangled web, and more is at stake than Talia’s plans for her own future.

But before she can take up her new post, Talia Redowl must die.

Death is just the beginning..."

Cover art by Nakanoart (, - go and browse, her art is simply amazing!)


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